The project is located near the construction of the new business district at the entrance to the city, the neighborhood is at the main entrance to the capital and the main artery connecting the city to the rest of the country.

This area is a meeting point between cultural centers, government buildings, open spaces, tourist centers and major transportation centers.

Scope: Approx. 260 units in two 23-story towers, of which approx. 200 units are for sale on the open market.

Developers: Yesodot Tzur, Galnach and Galnor.
A building permit exists
Financing bank: Bank Hapoalim
Occupancy: December 2022

  • Between the two buildings, there will be a public building, a small community center (built as part of Stage B)
  • Maximum accessibility to main transportation routes, exit from the city, etc.
  • A versatile population mix (national religious, moderate ultra-Orthodox, secular). A 2-dunam open public area will be adjacent to the project, which will include a park and playground facilities.
  • A high and prestigious tower in a neighborhood with low building characteristics.
  • Modern design.
  • Parking for each apartment.
  • A terrace for each apartment.
  • Proximity to the Beit Hakerem neighborhood – one of the last secular strongholds in the city, with excellent educational institutions, such as the “Lida” highschool, etc.
  • The Herzl route – a traffic artery open to all parts of the city (the secular parts) and the closest point to the exit towards Tel Aviv.

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Initiate Company:

1 Pik St., Jerusalem

3-7 rooms

260 units

Under construction