Ramat Verber Yitshak Sadeh

The Petah Tikva Municipality and the Ministry of Housing are currently formulating a master plan for overall urban renewal in Ramat Verber, Petah Tikva.

As part of this master plan, Etgar Real Estate is active in the Yitzhak Sadeh complex (2 and 4 Yitzhak Sadeh Street, Petah Tikva), with the aim of promoting a detailed plan and receiving a building permit. For this purpose, Etgar Real Estate is obtaining the consent of the absolute majority of apartment owners for Pinui-Binui to be carried out in the complex, in accordance with the approval of the Petah Tikva Municipality and the Ministry of Housing.

According to this master plan, the 2 existing buildings at 2 and 4 Yitzhak Sadeh Street will be demolished and in their place new, spacious and upgraded buildings will be built for the benefit of the apartment owners at no cost.

The process of signing the tenants is in its final stages, in preparation for a detailed plan to be drawn up for the complex in accordance with the urban renewal plan presented by the municipality.

At the same time, we are working together with the project architect, Doron Goldwasser, on the planning and development of the project.At 2,4 Yitzhak Sadeh complex, 2 towers are expected to be built over a commercial/public center.

* According to the municipality’s master plan over the entire Jabotinsky route, the towers will have 24-35 floors. The exact number is not yet known.
All subject to the municipality’s decisions and approvals.

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2,4 Yitzhak Sadeh, Petah Tikva

3-5 Rooms

Approx. 225 units + commercial and office space

Signing contracts & promoting Urban Building Plan